Welcome, Employer!

Ain Shams University's career center offers a wide range of services to facilitate your access to the university’s top caliber.

ECDC can help you with hiring students or alumni, interview candidates for all kinds of opportunities whether it is an internship, a part-time job, or a full-time position.

What We Provide

  1. Recruitment and selection services
  2. Corporate-student interaction
  3. Image building and branding opportunities
  4. Employment Fairs

Information Sessions

ECDC allows you to give ASU students information sessions to increase your visibility and facilitate your recruitment process. The information sessions will give you an opportunity to clarify the main qualifications required for the students/alumni to be eligible applicants for the organization's available vacancies.

You can arrange for an on-campus visit or information session by sending an email to info.ecdc@ainshams.edu.eg

Job Posting

ECDC offer you E-announcements for available vacancies, helping you to have a pool of candidates to select the best fit for the criteria of the vacancy. Our online recruitment system enables you to reach out to students across all academic disciplines and alumni seeking internships, part-time/temporary jobs, entry level positions to middle and senior management.

We offer an online recruiting system CareerMap that enables you to post your opportunities (full-time, part-time, temporary/seasonal and internship), and track applicants. Please register or login via the following link:

As soon as the career opportunity is approved and announced, you will get direct access to resumes of candidates who have applied to the vacancy announcement.

Moreover, we can help you save the time of screening CVs by assisting in filtering students'/alumni's CVs and conducting an initial interview for students to facilitate recruitment and selection process.




Employment Fairs

ECDC holds an annual employment fair which is an event that provides a platform for a successful connection between ASU graduates and employers. The employment fair helps in fulfilling employers' hiring needs as well as providing a good branding opportunity on campus between a pool of qualified caliber.

Participating companies in the Employment Fair are assigned booths inside ASU campus.  Interested students and alumni apply in person to company representatives at the Employment Fair.

For more information about the upcoming Employment fair, Please visit our website: https://asuegypt-csm.symplicity.com/employers/