About Us

The Employability and Career Development Center (ECDC) at Ain Shams University (ASU), aims at providing ASU students (Except for Engineering) with the rights tools for career planning and successful employment through an array of career advising services and employability skills programs. Career advising services cover areas of self-assessment, resume writing, interviewing techniques, and job search strategies, while employability skills programs complement the students' soft skills set and technical knowledge to meet employers' hiring needs. In addition, the center builds corporate partnerships and liaises with companies to avail experiential and career opportunities for ASU students.

ECDC at ASU is made possible through the financial contributions of the USAID, and technical expertise of the Career Center at the American University in Cairo.

Vision Mission and Values

To be the leading career center among universities in developing and inspiring youth, aiming at transforming Egypt. 

Aiming to inspire ASU students to make better career choices by offering a series of career guidance services that help them capitalize on granted career opportunities.



Q: How do I register to the Employment fairs?

A: You can register through the registration link on the event


Meet The Staff

We are serving you with 5 career professionals ready for you help.

Shady Shafeek

Center Director shady.shafeak@ainshams.edu.eg
  • shady.shafeak@ainshams.edu.eg
  • 02 24854957 (Ext: 15)


Maryam El Gaby

Deputy Director
  • maryam.elgaby@asu.edu.eg
  • 02 24854957 (Ext: 17)


Maha Sobh

Senior Career Development Specialist
  • Maha.sobh@ainshams.edu.eg
  • 02 24854957 (Ext: 16)


Basma selwanes

Senior Career Development Specialist
  • Basma.selwanes@asu.edu.eg
  • 02 24854957 (Ext: 18)


Abdelrhman Shaker

Recruitment Officer
  • abdelrahman.shaker@asu.edu.eg
  • 02 24854957 (Ext: 14)